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'Take your action for children' neglect campaign

Emily advert stillNo child should be neglected. That's why we're campaigning to make the UK wake up to neglect.

Studies suggest that up to 10% of all children in Britain are neglected. That's more than twice the number of children born in the UK in 2007.

Our action

We are campaigning to improve the way child neglect is tackled, and highlighting the importance of intervening early to help families with emerging issues, before they become long-term problems.

We're encouraging governments to spend more - and more wisely - on public services that focus on early intervention, and we're raising desperately needed money to develop targeted, effective initiatives that tackle the key causes of neglect. We work with thousands of vulnerable families already but there are many more families out there who need our help.

Examples of our work

  • We are working with the Universities of Sterling and Dundee on a project called Action on Neglect.
  • We are developing a UK neglect intervention project with the University of Salford to help better identify neglect and stop it as early as possible.
  • We have commissioned surveys of police, social and healthcare workers, parents and young people in order to get views from the front line on child neglect.
  • We are actively involved in commenting and lobbying on issues such as potential welfare budget cuts, child safeguarding and foster care.
  • We are building on our existing partnerships with social care and charitable organisations, the government, celebrities and companies across the country to raise awareness of neglect.
  • Click here to read and watch stories of our success working with children who have been neglected.
  • Click here to view wonderful artwork created by service users about our campaign.