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Review of child neglect in the UK

Action for Children, in partnership with the University of Stirling, has published the second comprehensive annual review of child neglect in the UK.

Neglected children do not get early help

Our report - The state of child neglect in the UK - reveals that nine out of ten teachers, police officers and social workers regularly meet children they believe are neglected. Yet as many as 40 per cent of these trained professionals feel powerless to intervene.  Almost 6,000 people -- including the public, professionals and 27 local authorities -- took part in interviews, polls and focus groups for the study.

Everybody can do something to help

  • The public should act on child neglect , according to the people we polled,  who say the Government should provide guidance in a website
  • Local agencies must work together to make sure that children do not fall through the cracks between different services and different systems.

Our recommendations to the UK Government in Westminster

  • Make sure local councils provide early help services for families
  • Create ways of knowing the positive difference we've made for children across all levels of need
  • Help the public find local help and guidance using a Government website

Read our full recommendations (pdf)

What Action for Children does to help neglected children:

With 140 years of experience on the front line of neglect, we promise to work with children and with the Government as long as it takes to that ensure that children get the early help they need. Here's how you can help: