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Disabled children


Action for Children works with disabled children, young people and their families and our mission is to help them the lives they choose by providing fun, inclusive and flexible support.

Across the UK, 4 in 10 disabled children live in poverty and the families of disabled children report particularly high levels of stress and isolation.

From early years to key transition stages

Our disability services provide disabled children and their families with residential and short break care, help families deal with challenging behaviour, provide specialist education and leisure opportunities, and offer innovative programmes such as the Access to IT project, which uses information technology to enhance disabled children's confidence and their educational and social inclusion.

The right to be listened to

It's every disabled child and young person's right to express what they need and what they want, and to be supported to communicate how they feel. It's their right to be listened to and live their own lives. That goes for their families too.

Our staff are skilled and they really care. We know how difficult it can be for families with disabled children to access the support they need when they need it. We also know that with the right services at the right times, disabled children, young people and their families can thrive. It's about a bespoke approach, no matter the need.

"I can't use the word inspirational enough. It's the one place you can come where everyone looks at Seren and sees who she is. Rather than looking at her differences, they see her potential."
Seren's mum, from one of our disability projects

Specialist support for individual needs

Offering specialist support and inclusive universal services. Whether in our children's centres or in their homes. We're there to meet each child and young person's individual needs. Our links with schools, CAMHS and the NHS means we're able to ensure full, wrap-around support that can really make the difference.

That's why we support disabled children and young people to get out and about. Through our family and community based short breaks, they see new places and get to know new people. It gives communities the opportunities to get to know them too.

With the added value of voluntary income, we can make services even better. Like having specialist communication workers and providing accessible play equipment. It's about doing all we can to help improve outcomes for disabled children and young people. And it's about them having fun, lots and lots of fun.

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