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Family support

Young Boy

“Without the children’s centre, I would have ended up on the street – because I was getting debt letters from everyone, the bank charges were piling up, I had no food in the cupboards and I was just about to lose the house.” (Read Jenny's story here)

All families need help at critical moments. We support children and families with the most difficult problems and are the largest provider of family support services in the UK.

Families under stress are often trapped in a difficult situation - on their own with little money and no confidence. This can put children at risk.

Our long-term approach - supporting and challenging families - gives families opportunities to turn things around together.

We help:

  • children who are neglected or abused
  • children whose parents are separating
  • children having difficulties at school
  • children returning to live at home
  • young people with caring responsibilites
  • families whose tenancy is at risk because of anti-social behaviour
  • families at risk of breakdown

Our children's and family centres give parenting advice, a safe space for families to play and the chance to learn new skills, subjects and information.

The centres also help practically, with things like debt and housing difficulties, and offer self-help or family therapy for problems such as sexual abuse, domestic violence and anti-social behaviour.

Help for separation

Knowing what to do or where to turn to when you separate can be difficult. If you're a parent you'll want to make sure you do what's right for your children, and if you're a friend or relative of someone going through a break up, you'll probably be looking for ways you can help.

Sorting out separation  is here to give you the support you need.

Energy Bill Revolution

We are pleased to support the Energy Bill Revolution alliance, calling for warm homes and lower bills. Families are suffering huge financial hardship, and one in four households can't afford to heat their homes. As this number is predicted to rise the alliance is calling on the Government to use the money it gets from carbon taxes to make homes super-energy efficient. This is the only permanent way to drive down energy bills and end fuel poverty. To find out more and to sign the petition visit the Energy Bill Revolution.