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Divorce, bereavement and children's behavioural problems. All families face difficult times at some stage during their lives. We're here to help them through.

Support for families going through separation or divorce

We provide:

  • alternatives to adversarial court processes for families involved in separation or divorce
  • help for parents and carers to meet children and young people's needs during this difficult time
  • encouragement for shared parental responsibility in the future - promoting the emotional, physical and intellectual wellbeing of children
  • help for parents to improve communications between themselves regarding parenting issues, enabling them to manage any conflict

Support for families suffering a bereavement

We provide:

  • a series of one to one sessions for children, using counselling, mediation, therapeutic and play craft  techniques
  • support for parents to hear the worries and concerns of the children, helping them find more effective ways of managing often very difficult situations

Support for offending behaviour

We provide:

  • motivation for young people to access programmes, treatment or other services to address their substance misuse, offending behaviour or risk taking
  • assessment of a young person's co-operation to work with others on a programme of action and their willingness and ability to sustain this commitment