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Support for young people

Young people - teenage boy and girl smiling

"Birmingham Young Carers have been there since I was nine, and I’m nearly 18. Anytime we need them, they are always there. They’ve done so much; I feel like I can’t thank them enough." Read Sam's story

Action for Children provide targeted support to vulnerable and socially excluded young people right across the UK

We take a flexible approach to each young person's individual needs and aim to increase positive outcomes

How we work

Our services aim to:

  • Working with young people to identify and overcome barriers in their lives
  • Helping them plan to get where they want to be
  • Building self confidence and self-esteem
  • Helping them to make more positive choices

Our integrated targeted youth support services provide support based upon identified local need. We work closely with other agencies, helping ensure young people receive full support that can really make the difference.

Our services across the UK are aimed at: