The eleventh hour: Are children and families being helped too late?

Over the past four years, Action for Children’s Red Book series has mapped the changing needs of families and the pressure on services they rely on.

The eleventh hour, the latest in our Red Book series, details the growing needs of children, young people and parents.

We found that: 

  • Over half of managers in Action for Children services say the mental health and emotional wellbeing needs of children, young people and parents has increased in the last year.
  • The impact of debt and deprivation on children and young people has become a major concern for staff. 
  • Child neglect remains a prominent issue identified across services and remains a leading cause for referrals to social services.
  • Despite efforts to find innovative ways of working, many services are seeing an increase in demand as budgets remain stretched.

What is the solution?

Our research identifies a number of areas where early help could make a real difference to children and young people. Supporting families before it is too late avoids the much higher cost of dealing with a crisis and delivers better outcomes.

What needs to be done?

Support services must be able to act early and deliver support when the first signs of a problem emerge. This can only be achieved it they are set up to achieve this goal.

It is time to rethink how we fund and plan services to make early help the norm. We need to see longer term spending commitments that allow local authorities and services plan for the future.

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