Therapeutic Fostering (Transform)

Therapeutic fostering (or Transform fostering) is designed to care for children and young people who have encountered severe disruption, abuse or trauma in their lives. 

Transform is a 'wrap-around' therapeutic foster placement service, usually for two years, after which the child’s placement continues as a permanent solo placement with their (Transform) foster family.

Transform helps children to heal. It helps to create stability and attachment for the child using a range of therapeutic techniques.  Each child in a Transform placement has weekly therapy with a specialist trauma and attachment therapist. 

As a foster carer you play a key role in therapy. You will be involved in the sessions that are structured, guided and facilitated by a therapist and receive ongoing training and coaching through weekly support sessions.

Within the first couple of days we could see tiny changes which gives us hope for the journey – something that works!
A foster carer

Who makes a good transform foster carer?

Your experience of working with children is not as important as your attitude and interest in making Transform work.  We are looking for foster carers who are focussed on the child’s needs and:

  • Have good communication skills
  • Are willing and excited to learn new techniques
  • Are interested in understanding what is behind a child’s behaviours
  • Can stay calm and emotionally regulated
  • Can accept, reflect and learn from their own mistakes
  • Are willing to try new things
  • Can make a long term commitment to the Transform process to ensure stability for the child.

What we offer?

  • Regular planned breaks from your fostering responsibilities.
  • Practical & 24-hour support from an experienced fostering team.
  • Weekly therapy session with your foster child.
  • Regular supervision, ongoing training and coaching in the skills of therapeutic reparenting.
  • Monthly support groups for you to share issues and make supportive contacts and friendships.
  • Social events for the whole family.
  • A fostering payment of up to £400 per week when a child is placed with you.
It has made a massive difference to the boy’s behaviour and to our understanding about what their behaviour is telling us.
A foster carer

We understand that fostering can be a challenging role and offer you up to 28 days planned breaks from your fostering responsibilities. As the foster child will be part of your family, we will also offer financial support to enable you to take the young person on holiday with you.

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