Judith & Richard

Judith and Richard were unable to have children. Find out how we helped them once they decided to adopt.


Judith and Richard had to go through a process of checks and and interviews, as well as going along to the preparation groups and courses we run. Both Judith and Richard felt these sessions played an important role in helping them prepare.

Richard says: "Action for Children's courses were really useful. They address feelings children might have about being adopted and how we can help them through it. I'm not sure we could've coped without them. They also enable you to meet other adopters and share your experiences. A real help."

It was the worth the time invested in the process. Judith and Richard adopted three siblings: Beth, aged six, and George and Daniel, twins, aged five. "We went from being just a husband and wife to a family of five!" says Judith.

Asked to describe the children, she instantly chuckles: "All three are completely different characters: Beth is bright and bubbly and while she takes full advantage of being the big sister, she also enjoys a good dose of rough and tumble with the boys! She does well at school and has, over time, made some good friendships that she will take with her onto secondary school."

"The boys have offered a greater challenge. Boisterous and full of energy that unfortunately doesn't always extend to their schoolwork! Being twins has also been difficult. They were born prematurely and later were diagnosed with having oral dyspraxia and glue ear. All of which, on top of their disrupted lives, has contributed to some major learning difficulties and speech and language delay. However they are adorable and very lovable and after nearly five years with us are beginning to make good steady progress."

"People ask a lot of questions about adoption. I've even been asked if I have the same maternal feelings towards my children as other mothers. I say: "Yes and more.""


"I don't believe it's possible to love anyone more than I love my children. I have been bowled over by the whole thing. So has the rest of our extended family."

"When George received an achievement award in assembly and won the Easter competition at school he said afterwards, "I knew you were proud of me Mummy 'cos you were smiling!"

Richard has good advice if you're thinking of adopting: "Remember this is probably the most important decision you'll ever make, so think long and hard. Don't try to do it alone: there's a lot of support out there and it's important to find an agency that's right for you."

Action for Children always acted in our best interest throughout the process and have continued to offer a high level of support. Even now, they're keen to know how we're getting on!