Julie had previous experience of children in foster care from working at a gateway club for children with learning difficulties. She says: “The gateway club had a positive impact on the foster children and this encouraged me to develop a plan to become a foster carer.”

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Julie’s family and friends supported her decision to become a foster carer, knowing she had been keen on looking after children in care for so long. Her sister helps by providing her with respite care, and her brother and sister-in-law are both going through the process to become foster carers too.

It can also seem daunting changing careers, but Julie wants to stress that foster carers are financially supported as well.

Julie, foster carer, and her husband
People looking to become foster carers should not be too concerned about money, as all the costs for the foster child are covered.
Julie, foster carer

Julie has found fostering challenging but praises the support she received from us, believing that she probably would have walked away from the process without it. However, Julie shows that the rewards can far outweigh the challenges.

"If you have a heart and want to help children in care, being a foster carer is a wonderful experience. You will receive great satisfaction watching a child grow and develop, so my advice is to go for it!"

Julie, foster carer,

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