When Margaret was 19 her half-sister went into care. She felt bad that her sister had lost their mum and that she wasn’t able to look after her instead. Margaret says: “I used to visit my half-sister and think that in the future I would like to become a foster carer.”

Margaret, foster carer
I've brought up children of my own but I have learned so much from looking after my foster children and vice versa.
Margaret, foster carer

In the beginning, once Margaret was old enough to foster, her family and friends tried to discourage her from the idea.

She says: “Initially my family and friends told me not to become a foster carer, saying that the children are trouble and just stress you out. Now they praise me and tell me that I’m doing a good job as a foster parent.” In fact Margaret’s daughter, who is currently studying at university, has said that she would also like to become a foster carer in future.

Margaret only found out that you receive financial support for the role through a friend, and although it’s a vital support she says: “Being a foster carer is not about the money, it’s about being willing to make a difference in a child’s life.”

Please try and look into at as it’s very rewarding for you and the child.
Margaret's advice to anyone considering fostering

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