Nicholas and Anne, foster carers

“My three children were all grown up and I have a seven bedroom house, so I thought that there was an opportunity for me to help someone”, says Nicholas. Before becoming a foster carer Nicholas and Anne didn’t know they could get financial support as well, so this gave them the extra boost they needed to change careers.

Nicholas says that his friends are happy to know that he is a foster carer and he has received great support from his family. He has a 24 year old daughter who lives at home and she is allowed to provide cover for him.

We have been there throughout Nicholas’s journey, providing reassurance and support as well as helping him to develop his fostering skills.

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Being a foster carer is very worthwhile if you put your heart into it. Our foster children have been much more settled and even performing well at school. They are very much a part of the family.
Nicholas, foster carer

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