Sarah and Rob

Sarah and Rob have been fostering since September last year since they decided that they wanted to become foster carers and that they were “up for a challenge!”

The couple are currently caring for two sisters – 9 year-old Kirsty and 10 year-old Louise. Before entering the foster care system, the sisters regularly witnessed their mother suffer domestic abuse at the hands of her partner.

When the sisters joined the family, they were both self-harming and would often punch and bite themselves. Due to the conditions in which the young pair were brought up in, Louise had a tendency to display violent and aggressive behaviour towards women.


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Sarah and Rob enrolled on a 3-day therapeutic thinking course, run by Action for Children, to understand the behaviours that Louise was displaying, and how best to help her control her anger.

The family and the older sister’s social worker have noted vast improvements in her behaviour and Louise’s social worker also agrees, saying that she “can’t believe the difference in her behaviour.”

"Her violent behaviour is now non-existent. The Action for Children therapeutic thinking course allowed us to help Louise identify situations which would make her angry, and we were able to teach her a set of breathing exercises."


The couple also put boundaries in place e.g. the sisters had to ask Sarah and Rob for permission before watching TV which really helped. Sarah said: “we are a very fun couple and are always singing to each other, and I think this made the girls more relaxed. Kirsty and Louise decorated their own rooms which helped them to feel at home. It’s a bonus that we have three dogs – it is always helpful when we get a placement as it’s a good talking point and keeps the kids entertained,”

"Action for Children have been brilliant. Rob and I always feel that we are able to talk to someone, and they are always on hand to answer any queries we might have."


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