Shirley says: "Life has changed dramatically. In certain ways it can be totally different to bringing up your own children. The rewards are few and far between but the tiniest improvement in the life of a child is so rewarding. Two of our foster children who are now out of care remain part of the family."

"Our lifestyle has changed. There is very little time on our own! That is why the breaks provided by Action for Children are so important."

Shirley, foster carer,

Shirley goes on to say: "We are a team; social workers, office workers and foster carers - a jolly good team with many brilliant foster carers. It has really influenced all of the family in a positive way - one of our birth children is doing her third year at university with the goal to become a social worker!

When asked what they would say to someone thinking about fostering, Shirley says: "Life is extremely hard, but rewarding. I would recommend potential foster carers think about it and do as much training as possible!"

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