Prior to this she was misusing drugs alcohol, and getting into trouble with the law.

"My life felt completely out of control, so bad I tried to kill myself. I was angry because I got put into care but now I don't regret one bit of them helping me. Rachel and Andrew always support me and my five year old brother."

Jessica, young person in care,

At first Jessica's attendance record at school was poor, but since being placed with Rachel and Andrew it has risen to 100% and she is now doing her GCSEs.

She continues: "I hardly had any friends, but they encouraged me to go to a youth club and I now have loads of friends. Rachel and Andrew have encouraged me to be proud of who I am and to feel good about myself. I love them and their three kids so much."

"We are so happy there...when I'm sad I always turn to Rachel who always ends up making me smile."


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