Tom says: "It took me a long time to settle as I was away from friends. Catherine and David were a great help from day one, they helped me clean up my act and kept me occupied so I didn't get bored. I stopped smoking weed and after a while I felt so much better as they said I would. They encouraged me to go to college and I did woodwork for nearly two years and got my NVQ."

"They treated me like a son and part of their family, which made me feel wanted and secure."


Treating him as if he was their own child, Catherine and David took Tom on holidays with them. David taught Tom how to play pool and when he reached 18 they had their first beer together. Catherine also taught him how to cook a few things. Tom says: "I can cook a mean spaghetti curry!"

When he reached 18 Tom no longer needed foster care, but Catherine and David let him stay on until he was nearly 19. He now lives with his girlfriend but still goes to visit them regularly. Tom says: "We often go back for dinner and if I need advice on anything they are still always there for me."

Tom now works in a care home and is enjoying taking his NVQ in nursing care.

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"If it wasn't for them I really don't know where my life would be right now, certainly not as positive as it is at the moment. If ever I mention this to them they always say that it was a joint effort as I had to wait to respond to their encouragement, and the nicest thing is that they tell me that they are proud of me."


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