Virtual race

Want to challenge yourself? Like (or want to start) running? Can't or don't want to commit to a live event? Want to raise money for charity?

Our virtual races allow you to run wherever and whenever you want and you'll get a medal for your efforts.

Any day 10k Choose your distance


What is a virtual race?

Imagine a 10k race or a marathon...and now imagine it without the crowds and in your own time!

A virtual run means you race in your own time, on your own terms and in a location of your choice.

You can run 10k on a day of your choice, or pick your time and distance.

Complete your virtual run, send us some proof of your run and we'll send you your medal!

“I love running but hate crowds. I wanted to set myself a challenge whilst raising money for an amazing organisation. So I decided to run 100 miles during Lent.”
Rachael Fundraiser, 2018