Over the summer, a car crash had devastated Maisie's family.

Her mum was left disabled, and suffering with severe depression. Her stepdad couldn’t cope and walked out, leaving Maisie to care for her mum and her two younger brothers.

She was just 11 years old, and she was now in charge of taking care of her family.

Every morning, Maisie was getting up at 5am to help her mum shower, get her brothers get ready for school, and make everyone breakfast. She was doing the food shopping, cleaning the house, cooking meals, as well as making sure that she and her younger brothers had clean clothes. She was also managing her mum's medication and changing her colostomy bag.

It was no wonder that she was withdrawn - she was worn out, worried about her mum, and wasn't getting any sleep. She was already exhausted by the time she got to my class in the morning.

It was then that you and Action for Children began to help change Maisie’s life. 

Your thoughtful gifts have helped Action for Children organise a professional carer to visit Maisie’s mum twice a day. Now, Maisie has peace of mind and can concentrate while she’ s at school and, crucially, she has time to do her homework and play with her friends.

It might not sound like much, but I’ve seen it give Maisie her life back.

I am really glad that Action for Children was around to help me.

Thanks to the compassion of people like you, this summer will be different for Maisie. She’s been given her childhood back and seems so much happier. Her school work has improved, and she’s on track to join the top sets when she starts secondary school in September. She’s back to her old self and thriving – just like she used to.

As teachers, we’re not supposed to have favourites – but I find it hard not to feel most proud of Maisie of all my students. She has achieved so much against such tough circumstances.

But unfortunately, I now know that she's not the only one struggling to cope. There are still over 700,000 young carers in the UK -  and they desperately need some support from people who will listen to them.

Will you donate today and help more young carers like Maisie access the specialised support they badly need? Your gift has the power to change so much for young carers. You can give them a better life today and a better future to look forward to.

If you believe, as I do, that every child should have the opportunity of a good education, then please dig deep. You can help us get more young carers back to school this September.

Thank you.

Lucy Knight
Class teacher, 6B 

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