Donate to help lift a child out of danger

His dad can’t control his anger. His mum cries silently at home. But what about Tommy?

Tommy’s dad Vince couldn’t control his temper. He lashed out at the dog, and towards Tommy’s mum Sandra - it was only a matter of time before he’d hurt Tommy, too.

For a child who is stuck in such a terrifying situation, it’s your act of generosity that could help us be there to lift them out of danger.

Your donation can mean one of our support workers like Glenda can be there to notice that something’s going wrong. It can mean providing a safe home for a child who is frozen in terrified silence, unable to express their fear.

Will you give £20 to help us lift other children out of danger?



"At last, Tommy has the chance to meet his true potential. Today you can help another child like him get out of danger."

Glenda, Action for Children support worker.
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"The way Tommy’s dangerous situation came to light wasn’t straightforward. Sandra would bring him to our Children’s Centre for weekly health checks. His weight was fine and he looked healthy. But he was very withdrawn - something wasn’t right"

"One day, I took Sandra aside for a talk. What she told me was truly alarming. When I learned how much her husband was drinking, punching, kicking out and scaring Sandra and Tommy, I explained to her that I had to alert Social Services. She didn’t resist at all – it was clear she really wanted help and advice. She’d obviously reached breaking point."

Please, act now and help lift another child out of danger.