"Before I started volunteering with Action for Children, I used to be a full time mum. I just wanted to put my skills into practice and help around my community in order to gain more self-confidence and learn more about working with Children."

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"Volunteers are an extra pair of hands, we can make all the difference."

Katia, volunteer,

"My volunteer role is as a Group Assistant, I volunteer twice a week now. Being a volunteer is a really nice experience because I can help others, explore things that I might like to do in the future, learn lots from colleagues and get to know my community.

It’s memorable when I meet the mums at the play groups and actually have a chat with them, being a friendly face. Mums look forwards to the Play group every week and children love the centres because they find lots of toys and that helps mums to enjoy their time relaxing with other mums too.

When I am not volunteering I enjoy having time with my children. I also enjoy Spanish tutoring (it’s my first language) as I can help people learn and improve in Spanish speaking. I love outdoors, visiting places, I love baking and most of all meeting my friends."

"I do feel really welcomed and I do feel part of the wider organisation as Action for Children cares about everyone in and outside the organization. I would sum up my volunteer role as caring, friendly and helpful."