Sandra had worked for over 30 years in administration position and found that she missed being in the office environment and missed the office banter.

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"I was directed to the Do It website by a friend where I discovered that Action for Children was looking for an admin volunteer to work with the fundraising team. 

I contacted them and I met Alysha for a chat and agreed a trial period to see if it suited both sides. That was 4 years ago and they can’t get rid of me, I love it.

I believe volunteering is a two way process that benefits both sides.

I love coming into the office, not knowing what I will be doing, could be counting money, wrapping raffle prizes, spreadsheet, mail merges, posters, photocopying, making telephone calls, anything at all.

This keeps my computer and communication skills up to date, plus I have made new friends (you also get invited to some good nights out!).

I believe that while I am counting out hundreds of pounds in 2p and 1p, or photocopying hundreds of carol sheets, it gives the fundraising team more time to do the work that they are trained for and good at, hence a two way process.

"If you have time to spare, VOLUNTEER, its good fun, you feel part of a team and you are sharing the skills you have learnt over the years with part of the community. You gain more than you give!"


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