“I’m a single parent to my son who is now 3. I used to work full time before having him but afterwards I was very vulnerable and was supported by a Sure Start worker who inspired me to become a volunteer for Action for Children.

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Once I got started on my journey to becoming a volunteer, no one could stop me. My volunteer role for Action for Children is Parent Champion and Meet and Greet, which I enjoy doing as I get to help others and feel a part of a working environment ready to prepare me to start work again."

"I enjoy being a volunteer because it gives me a chance to help other people and their children – I really enjoy talking to new people and learning things about their lives. It has also given me opportunities to meet new people and build friendships."

Tamara, Hampshire volunteer,

"Every Monday I work in Mill Hill & Crookhorn Lane Children’s Centre and help cover reception, do admin work, do updates on the computers and help other members of staff with their work. Every other Tuesday I cover a baby clinic which I enjoy, I talk to the parents while they wait to be seen by the Health Visitors. I explain what Action for Children provides and what children’s groups are available locally. I give any other advice if a parent is asking and if I don’t know the answer, I take the parent’s details and contact them with the answer to their query as soon as I have found out. As well as my Action for Children role, every Wednesday I volunteer for Homestart where I support a vulnerable family."


“It’s important to have volunteers in a service, as nine times out of ten staff members are normally busy with their work load - it isn’t possible for a person to deal with everything. It helps relieve the pressure of staff members with an extra pair of hands.

As well as both my volunteer roles, and looking after my 3 year old son as a single parent, I’ve been doing extra training to get me work ready for when he goes to school. I’m in the middle of completing an Equality and Diversity in the Community course, and just about to start a Lean Management technique skills course. I also need to redo my GCSE maths, but I would like to do more training within business and administration as I have recently passed a Business and Administration course. I am really busy, but I think it’s normal to want to do all these extra things.”

"As a volunteer I do feel a part of the team. The three words I’d use to describe my time at Action for Children is rewarding, exciting, and happy."