2020 highlights from our adoptive families

Monday 14 December 2020
Young daughter and happy mother playing with play dough and smiling

Despite 2020 being a difficult year, our adopters have found silver linings in lockdown. From "bear hunts" to singing songs from Frozen, it’s all about spending more time as a family

Really getting to know each other

One couple who adopted two children told us:

"We now feel really connected to the children. While there are still odd moments, generally our relationship with the children is secure, genuine, calm and relaxed. Lockdown has given us time to be a family".

A single adopter said that being together during lockdown had helped her and her adopted son to share more about their inner workings. She described it as peeling back layers of an onion and getting to the core of each other.

We now feel really connected to the children [...] - lockdown has given us time to be a family.

Family moments

A single adopter told us how her adopted daughter really "turned a corner" during 2020 and is now just part of the "fixtures and fittings":

"She’s completely at ease around the extended family and takes aunts, nanas and cousins all in her stride. She’s the only one who can press the buttons on nana’s recliner chair with nana in it! And get away with it!"

One new family told us how being in lockdown gave them the chance to play games and read books together:

"We even did our own ‘bear hunt’ through the long grass complete with our dog and two children. It ended with us all hiding under a blanket and laughing for ages!"

Having space to breathe

Lockdown offered some people the chance to slow down and breathe again. One adopter commented that:

“Although it was challenging and frightening at times, it was a precious time in many ways. I had time to stop and reflect about what we’d been through together. I became less career focused and it reinforced that time with my adopted son is the most important thing in my life".

He added that his son is now a different boy to when he first came. Forming attachments has been a journey for both of them. His son is now able to express his feelings, show affection and they often tell each other how much they love one another.

I had time to stop and reflect about what we’d been through together [...]. It reinforced that time with my adopted son is the most important thing in my life.

Unforgettable times

Even new singing talents were discovered during this challenging period:

"Our daughter has been very much into singing this year and has a beautiful voice – she can sing songs from 'Frozen’ with all the movements and actions. She even uses a hairbrush as a microphone. It’s very entertaining".

Getting back to the new "normal"

After being off school for so long, one adopter told us she worried about sending her daughter back. She said she needn’t have worried so much though and shared her daughter’s first school report after lockdown:

"The teachers say she is so keen to learn, confident and well behaved. She sits lovely in class and has adapted to the new rules and measures to keep them all safe. She is cooperative, thoughtful and brings a good sense of humour into school. I’m a proud mum for sure".

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