Aiming High

East Ayrshire, West Dunbartonshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh and East Lothian

Supporting care-experienced young people overcome the barriers into employment and training

Aiming High supports young people (16—25) who have been looked after at home or looked after and accommodated by Social Work Services.

How it works

The aim of the service is to provide intensive one-to-one support to those who are looking for work, by sourcing appropriate training and/or providing quality employment opportunities across various employment sectors.

A dedicated keyworker is offered to help overcome the barriers into employment and training.

Structured elements of the service enable young people to complete several qualifications, including Certificate of Work Readiness, Youth Achievements Awards or Arts Awards. Ongoing support is offered on an outreach basis for up to 12 months.

Our approach

This delivery sits at stage 1 in the pipeline, as it is expected that many participants will come with a range complex and challenging issues, which makes accessing opportunity more difficult for them.

Our holistic approach and experience in supporting the most vulnerable young people helps break down barriers by supporting them to establish routine, participate in learning and experience work in real live situations.

Our flexible, community-based support will include meeting young people in a venue they are comfortable with, including their own homes.

We have a high success rate in supporting young people to sustain opportunity and the focus of our delivery will be to raise awareness of what’s available locally, signpost young people where appropriate and generate links to providers.

What does it offer young people?

Through support we will increase aspiration and help young people gain access to training, education or employment.

We will support young people to improve their social, ICT, literacy and numerical skills using a range of tools.

We work in partnership to ensure access of opportunity for all young people and maintain links with other agencies and providers to ensure appropriate support is offered to young people to enable them to sustain opportunity and become active citizens.