Welcome to MISTLE

What is MISTLE?

MISTLE provides long term, therapeutic support to looked after children and young people, their families and carers. We champion family based placements for all children and work with children and young people with a variety of complex needs.

We take a whole systems approach to working with young people involving social care, health, education and birth families whilst supporting therapeutic foster care placements. MISTLE works in partnership with Leicestershire County Council and the LPT NHS Trust.

Who is it for?

MISTLE (Multi-disciplinary Intervention Support Team Leicestershire) combines multi-agency working and foster care in the local community, with therapeutic care for children, teenagers and young adults (8-18):

  • Who have experienced multiple placement breakdowns.
  • Who have received a mental health intervention (Tier 2).
  • Who are a risk to themselves or to others.
  • Who are at risk of or excluded from school.
  • Who are willing to engage with the service.

The service provides a dedicated lead for joint assessment, risk-management and interventions following a psychologically-informed approach using Attachment Theory, Systemic Theory, Social Learning Theory and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. The service can support young people and carers for up to 18 months.

Young people and families can expect:

  • Someone to listen and to help your voice be heard.
  • Dedicated keyworker providing psychologically informed sessions.
  • Long term support to build skills and relationships focusing on positives.

Foster carers can expect:

  • Training and supervision to develop knowledge, understanding and confidence in providing therapeutic care.
  • 24/7 on call support 365 days a year offering a reflective support service.
  • Dedicated key worker for each placement.
  • Support from the Multi-disciplinary team around the child.

Extensive research and evidence shows that local area family-based living usually delivers better outcomes in a range of areas including socially, educationally and health and it is a Leicestershire County Council objective that as many children as possible should have that opportunity. The service will be a core part of Leicestershire’s Care Placement Strategy and pivotal in enabling the number of looked after children (LAC) in residential provision to be reduced over the next four years.

Referrals into MISTLE are currently through the Leicestershire County Council Residential review panel, if you feel that you have a young person that would be suitable for the service please discuss this with social care.