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Posted by / Wednesday 27 April 2016 /

Over the last few months we’ve created a suite of training for our Young Ambassadors, to support their development and build their knowledge, skills and confidence.

So far we have six modules:

  1. Ambassador induction
  2. Right Choice recruitment training
  3. Media training
  4. Introduction to Fundraising
  5. Digital & Social Media
  6. Public Speaking

One of the great things about this is that modules 3, 4 and 5 have been written by, and are delivered by, staff from those departments. This brings really valuable first-hand knowledge and expertise to the training and gives our Young Ambassadors a fantastic real-life insight into each area of work.

This month we’ve trialled the Media training in Omagh (Northern Ireland) and Motherwell (Scotland), and the Fundraising training in Worcester. Next month we’ll be running the Digital & Social Media training at an Ambassador Workshop event in Birmingham.

"It was great to have the chance to engage directly with young people and explain how they make a real difference to our fundraising and how their stories impact on our donors and supporters."

Angela Elms, who delivered the first Fundraising training module

Paul Martin, who delivered the Media training in Northern Ireland, collected some feedback from the young people following the session:

  • They feel much more confident about speak on our behalf and sharing their stories
  • They found the good interview v bad interview section the most relevant
  • Most of them had no idea before the presentation how important their role is beyond just ‘turning up to some events’
  • They found the session really fun – we went off on a few tangents but it’s important to keep it light hearted to keep them engaged

Clare McClintock (Young Person's Practitioner at Sperrin and Lakeland Floating Support) said ‘That was actually really good. I must admit I’ve always been a bit over protective of getting stories out there…but that’s totally put me at ease. I definitely want to use the media department more now.’

Big thanks to our Fundraising and Media colleagues, and well done to our Young Ambassadors for getting involved, doing so well and being so positive!

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