5 reasons to run a marathon

Posted by / Monday 18 January 2016 /

There are plenty of good reasons to run a marathon but these are our top five.

1. To get fit

An obvious benefit of running a marathon is that it will help give your health and fitness levels a boost. 

You can't just run a marathon, you have to train. In the weeks and months leading up you will have to pay attention to your diet and training regime which, ultimately, will have a positive knock-on affect on your lifestyle. It will help make your heart stronger, improve circulation, and strengthen your muscles. You will probably also see mental improvements as well, such as less stress, feeling happier and experiencing the "runner's high" on a regular basis.

 2. To raise money for a good cause

Running a marathon is a great opportunity to give support to a cause close to your heart. While running a marathon for its own sake is an extremely satisfying experience, by teaming up with a charity, runners can have joint satisfaction of fulfilling their marathon dream whilst raising vital sponsorship money and awareness for a worthy cause. You can use the inspiration and motivation that you're helping others to get you through those 26.2 miles.


3. For the sense of achievement 

There's nothing more rewarding than accomplishing a large goal you've set yourself. And running a marathon is one of the largest physical challenges you can set.

Completing a marathon is often in the top ten things people are most proud of in their lives. It doesn't matter if you finish last or if you take a little longer than you'd hoped, you are still a marathoner and are part of an elite club of people that have completed 26.2 miles.

4. To make new friends

The running community are a tight knit group of inspirational people. Once you've signed up to run the marathon why not reach out to your local running club; chances are you'll meet people to train with and in completing the experience together you'll become life long friends...or even husband and wife.

5. To inspire others

Run a marathon to inspire others to do something they thought was too tough or impossible. 

Sometimes we don't realise how much our actions impact other people's. You may think what you do doesn't make a difference, but that couldn't be further from the truth. When others see you commit to training and when you eventually cross that finish line, someone will follow your lead and start running. They might even run their own marathon! 

We'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has taken part in a marathon on behalf of Action for Children throughout the years. And we wish all of our 2017 runners good luck for their upcoming marathons.

You're brilliant!

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