Why I love my Young Ambassador role

Posted by / Wednesday 27 January 2016 /

I’ve been asked before who my favourite person at Action for Children is – but it’s impossible to say. Everyone’s helped me so much. My life now is 100% better, happier and busier because of Action for Children.

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I found out about Action for Children two years ago, and my life has really changed. I was nearly homeless before, the relationship with my family broke down. Now I’m in a much better place. I’m studying in Omagh, volunteering, and planning a big party for my 19th birthday.
Being a Young Ambassador and representing other young people is amazing. I’m doing so much, it’s actually quite hectic. I’ve recently bee to London to the launch of a Role Model booklet I’m in, to represent issues facing LGBT young people. It might be good for other young people my age to see someone who has gone through the same things as them. I want to encourage people to be really open minded.
I was also involved in the 2015 Stephenson Awards, (Alex himself was a 2015 Stephenson Award winner, read why here) – it’s good to congratulate people! In my opinion, if someone helps other people and they’re committed to the charity, they deserve to get an award.
I think the people who deserve the awards the most are volunteers and young people – but I would say that, wouldn’t I? Everyone should nominate! It would be so nice for someone to get an award.
I've also been part of ARTiculation and doing some Role Model training. I’ve never had to be on a plane so much before… the best bit is seeing the sights of the cities I visit.
After my Youth Work course, I want to go on to University in Belfast. I’d have to do a four year course, but after that I could be a youth worker. I really want to work for Action for Children when I graduate, in the same project that supported me. I want to help other young people facing homelessness.
The weather in Ireland at the moment is sunny, then rainy, then sunshine and then more rain! I’d ideally love to be on holiday in Florida right now… palm trees and the beach… but for now, travelling to meetings and events for Action for Children will definitely do. I’m having a brilliant time.

Congratulations Alex on winning your Stephenson Award for the time and effort you put in to being a Young Ambassador, we are truly grateful for your involvement and think you're brilliant!

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