Top fundraising tips from our marathon runners

Posted by / Wednesday 12 April 2017 / Fundraising Events

You’ve already had 3 office bake sales this week. You’re ready to branch out. Here are our top tips for when you need to get creative with your fundraising.

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1. Jumble sale

Bring all those old clothes, knick knacks and second hand books for a good old-fashioned jumble sale! Maximise donations and ask colleagues, friends and family to donate their pre-loved items

2. Share a skill!

Marathon runner, Gabs, gave knitting lessons and swing dance lessons to enthusiastic friends and colleagues.

3. Pink hair to raise money

“I was a bit worried about dying my hair pink but I wanted to do something wacky.” Siobhan persuaded her hairdressers to dye her hair for free and asked friends and family to sponsor her for the bold statement.

"I tried to use any skill that I had to offer something people would be willing to pay for. It was fun for me too because I was investing a lot of time into it."

Gabs who ran the marathon in 2016
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How about theming your fundraisers around the time of the year. 

4. Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunts aren’t just for kids. Use the office, your house, a local park. Charge an entry fee and watch the chaos ensue.

5. Guess how many Easter eggs in the jar

Or marbles, or marshmallows, or sweets… Charge for entries (and do a deal for extra guesses), winner keeps the jar.

And if you’re running next year, here are some seasonal specials to put in the diary:

6. Pancake day fundraiser

Most flips in one go, highest pancake flipped, most pancakes eaten

7. Christmas jumper contest

The more glitter the better