Why me and my brother are taking on the London Marathon

Posted by / Wednesday 05 April 2017 / Fundraising

This lady is incredible. She is a family practitioner and she helps families and children in Wales.

But what makes her truly incredible is that she is dedicating all of her spare time to raising money for the children and families she supports every day.


Sian is running 26.2 miles in the London Marathon and will raise over £2000 as part of it. We spoke to her about her going from not running at all, to running 26 miles in the marathon and why she loves her job supporting children.

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Why I do, what I do.

You know, it’s really hard to think of one example of a family I’m most proud of working with off the top of my head. We deal with so many different things from toileting issues to working on relationships with the parents, that it’s hard to pick one.

One case in particular though, was a boy who was 9. His family were just having a real breakdown of communication with him and their relationship had just broken down completely. We did a lot of family sessions with them and lots of things that would help make sure that little boy’s voice was heard.

Mum and dad really took on board the different strategies we worked with them on. I remember the first initial team visit we had with them - we had huge concerns then. And that compared to my last visit where they were all cuddled up on the couch, it was like a different family.

On our last visit mum and dad were telling me “this has happened and this has happened but its all normal”. Whereas before it was “he’s not normal. We think he’s got ADHD, and ODD and Aspergers”. They would be labelling him with all different things.

But after working with them in the end they all said “No he’s just normal and we’re a normal family” and I remember seeing them, they were all just cuddled up on the couch planning their weekend together. Smiling and happy. It was so lovely to see how far they’d come.

The best part of my job is when you come to the end of working with a family and you see the changes they’ve made. It makes you realise the impact you’ve had on the family and the children. Seeing that change is just priceless.


What would have happened if we weren’t there

It’s hard to say what would have happened but mum and dad were starting to feel like they didn’t really want him anymore. He was having to stay with Nan as much as possible.

They were going down the route of wanting him to be diagnosed with something and the relationship was breaking down badly. Whether he would have stayed in the family home - I don’t know.

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From totally unfit to running 26.2 miles

Running the marathon is mega mega exciting.

It started off in a team meeting. All of my colleagues were doing couch to 5k challenge and at that point I had never done any running. I used to be so totally unfit.

I had an operation a few months ago and that enabled me to get my life back a little bit. A lot more than what it was before the operation. So I gave running a little go. I started running and once I’d started I just literally couldn’t stop.

My brother has always been a fitness fanatic but never into running, but now he runs with me as well.

He’s got a place in the marathon too so we’ll be running together on the day too!

My daughter started running with me and my son did. It’s a real family affair now. My mum who is 68, she comes running with me – well she doesn’t run but she walks and I run back and forth to her!

My mum and lots of my family are coming down for the weekend of the marathon. She said “oh I’m going to be crying when you come running over”.

When I saw the advert for the marathon I had to apply. We’ve always watched the London marathon on the TV every year. I love it love it. Never in a million years would I ever dream that I’d be able to run it.

"I get to see first-hand how we improve and change children’s, young people's and all of their families’ lives. I feel very blessed to be able to work for Action for Children and to be part of such a fantastic charity."

Sian Denman, marathon runner

"How blessed am I"

I’ve got friends who have tried to get a place for years and years and I just think how blessed am I that I have a place.

Working for Action for Children is amazing.

I get to see first-hand how Action for Children does improve and change children’s and young people’s and all of their families' lives. I feel very blessed to be able to be part of such a fantastic charity. Now to be able to fundraise as well is a real bonus on top.

Sian has raised over £1600 already. Show Sian some support for her running, and help even more children and their families by donating to her fundraising page.