“Without them, I wouldn’t be here telling my story”

Posted by / Tuesday 25 February 2020 / Young people
Ashleigh at westminster

Ashleigh, 18 from Bolton, was put into care at the age of 12 after speaking about the abuse she had experienced. She was very shy and found it difficult to open up to people. Ashleigh was referred to Action for Children advocacy service where she was diagnosed with multiple mental health issues.

“Before I was introduced to Action for Children, I bottled everything up and had trust issues. I attempted to take my own life and didn’t feel I had a voice.”

Simone, Ashleigh’s advocate, was able to break down walls and build up Ashleigh’s confidence.

“Being part of Action for Children has allowed me to become a better version of myself. I was able to meet new people, listen to some amazing stories from other young people and because of this, I now want to help others the way Action for Children have helped me.”

Ashleigh has now done lots of work for us including speaking at high value events like CEO Byte Night as well as Parliamentary events. She also has interviewed potential foster carers and helped decide which projects receive funding to help young people in situations like she was.

“Action for Children have helped me with my self-esteem, confidence and they listened when nobody else was listening. Without them, I wouldn’t be here telling my story.”

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