3 tips for parents who have fussy eaters

Posted by / Friday 06 May 2016 / Parenting Tips Eating
fussy eater

Are mealtimes becoming a battlefield in your house?

Every child is different, some will eat anything and everything you put in front of them but others just won’t. It can be really hard if your child doesn’t want to eat the food that you’ve prepared. So what do you do if your child is a fussy eater?


Here’s our 3 top tips from Wigan Parental Outreach:

1. Focus on what they are eating

Children respond well when you give them praise so give them lots of praise when they do eat something even if it’s small.

2. Limit portion sizes

We adults have to remember that our children are small, in fact a child’s stomach is only the size of their fist so you don’t need to give them too much food.

3. Offer a limited choice

When you have a fussy eater, if can be easy to overwhelm them with too many options. Try asking them to choose between just 2 things e.g. “would you like a big spoon of beans or a little spoon of beans”. Or “do you want to eat your peas first or your potatoes first”. 

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget that little people like to use little tools – so get the small forks and spoons for their little hands and appetites!

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