Games to help your toddler listen

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Listening is an important part of learning to talk. Hearing ≠ listening.

Listening will help your child to learn the difference between speech and other sounds.

Here are some ideas for listening games you can play at home from the team at Furness Sure Start Children’s Centre.


1. Musical statues

You need: Device to play music e.g. phone, tablet, radio

Explain the rules – your child has to move/dance around the room when they hear the music but stop and stand still when it stops.

Things you can do to make it interesting

  • Vary the length of time you play the music
  • Vary the volume of the music (it might catch your child out!)

This is a fun party game too so that your child can see if other children are good at the game.


2. March/sleep

You need: A noisy toy e.g. drum and a quiet toy e.g. shaker

Explain the rules – your child has to march like a soldier when you play the noisy toy and then lie on the floor and pretend to go to sleep when you play the quiet toy

How to make it interesting

  • Vary the length of time you play the music
  • Swap with your child so they play the toys - they can test your skills!

3. What did you hear?

You need: several noisy things e.g. rattle, squeaky toy

Explain the rules – you hide the toys under the blanket and make a sound with one of the toys. Take the blanket away and let your child decide which toy made the sound

How to make it interesting

  • Increase the number of toys you use try 5 or 6 different toys
  • Try making sounds of several toys at once

You can also help your child to listen at other times, it can be done anywhere - in the car, walking down the street or at home. Point out noises that you hear all the time and talk about them.

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