Messy play for babies

Posted by / Friday 27 May 2016 / Parenting Tips Activities Baby
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All children learn through play, and messy play is a great way for children to explore the world around them.

Messy play (or Heuristic play) means allowing your child to play and learn by themselves without your help.

You can use lots of things for messy play; in our children's centres, we use water, sand and jelly. It’s all about giving your child the chance to touch different textures and feel different sensations. 

For our Messy Play for Babies activity, you only need 3 items! 

  1. Food colouring
  2. Shaving foam
  3. Food bag

Let Hannah from our Northamptonshire Children's Centre Services to show you how. 

We'd love to know how you get on with messy play with your children - send us your pictures on Facebook.

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