How to use a reward chart with your child

Posted by / Friday 21 October 2016 / Behaviour Parenting Tips

Reward charts are a great tool to use to help you focus on and praise the positive behaviour of your child. 

Emma from our Norfolk services gives her 4 top tips for how to use a reward chart.


1. Make sure that appropriate behaviour happens first 

The order is important. If the reward comes before the behaviour then this is just a bribe!

2. Don’t remove rewards as a means of punishment

Your child has achieved the rewards for acceptable behaviour. If their behaviour is unacceptable then you should give them a suitable consequence.

3. Always be positive

Praise your child’s achievements however small they maybe.


4. Discuss and review the reward chart regularly with your child

This is a great opportunity for you to offer praise and further encouragement.

Reward charts are a simple way for you to encourage your child to learn new skills and/or tackle their challenging behaviours, such as following instructions or sharing.

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