Victims of child neglect deliver their stories to Prime Minister

Posted by James Blair / Tuesday 19 November 2013 / Child neglect Law Emotional neglect

Tina Renton and Collette Elliott both suffered neglect as children. They hand-delivered a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron telling him their stories and asking for his support in changing the child neglect law.

“As overwhelming as it was, staying focused was the key and it’s an experience I will remember for a lifetime. Meeting Barbara Windsor at the gates will follow a close second!” said Collette after we left Downing Street. Barbara Windsor was just leaving as we got there, so we said 'hello'.

Tina and Collette co-wrote their letter to David Cameron so they could share their childhood experiences of neglect. In the letter Collette said “I suffered from many different kinds of neglect but it is the emotional abuse that has left me scarred and tormented, it is emotional neglect that sent me on a downward spiral of depression and self harm.”

They asked David Cameron for his support in changing the law to include emotional neglect. Both Tina and Collette have been supporting our campaign to update the 80 year old law on child neglect for a while now. They have met MPs and spoken about the out of date law in newspapers, on TV and on the radio.


Collette has come a long way since she began campaigning to change the law: “When I started campaigning over a year ago, I never thought it would lead me to Downing Street. But there I was and meeting Tina, it was a good feeling knowing I didn’t stand alone. Going to Downing street was an honour and a priviledge. I felt like I was there on behalf of all the children that need this change.”

The law on child neglect is due to be debated in Parliament this Friday and almost 90 MPs have signed a joint letter calling on the Government to take this opportunity to bring the law up to date. After Tina and Collette’s trip to Downing Street, maybe David Cameron will speak in support on Friday?

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