Half of Brits admit to ‘re-gifting’

Posted by / Wednesday 14 November 2018 /
  • Half of Brits admit to ‘re-gifting’
  • One in three Brits receive an unwanted Christmas present every year
  • Poll reveals mums are the worst gift-givers, sons are the best

It may be the season of goodwill but it seems that those festive feelings don’t extend to our Christmas gift giving, with half of us shamelessly admitting to ‘re-gifting’ unwanted presents.

New research released by the charity Action for Children and One Poll which surveyed 2,000 people has also revealed that over a third of Brits (37 per cent) have received an unwanted Christmas present every year.

Mums are the worst offenders when it comes to giving unwanted gifts, with sons the best when it comes to picking out the perfect ‘pressie’.  One in five (20 per cent) say their mother regularly gives the most unwanted presents while only four per cent of respondents said they regularly received unwanted gifts from their son. And nearly two thirds (64 per cent) lie when presented with something they aren’t keen on, declaring they ‘love it’ regardless of their true feelings.

But ‘re-gifters’ beware; seven per cent of those who confessed to passing on a questionable present have embarrassingly been caught out with half saying they had given it back to the person who gifted it to them in the first place.

Those polled estimated the average price of their most expensive unwanted gift from the last five years to be a whopping £40.

With so much waste in expensive, unwanted Christmas gifts, the charity, Action for Children, is this year encouraging people to ditch the desperate novelty presents and instead donate £10 to support vulnerable and at risk children.

The research is part of Action for Children’s Secret Santa Christmas Campaign, which encourages members of the public to donate and become a Secret Santa for a vulnerable child this Christmas.

A raft of celebrities from music, stage and screen have backed the campaign by revealing what unwanted Christmas gifts they had received in this short film. Those who have supported the campaign include Inbetweeners star Laura Haddock, comedian Omid Djalili, Peaky Blinders actor Finn Cole and singer Sinitta.

Omid Djalili said: “It has almost become a rite of passage that you receive an unwanted Christmas present every year. My aunt once got me shampoo, despite me not having had hair since 2003. I said, “Auntie, you know I haven’t got any hair.” She said, “It’s the thought that counts.” I said, “What were you thinking?” She said, “I really don’t know!" The next Christmas she got a voucher for me to get my highlights done at Vidal Sassoon. She’s now doing five minutes at the Comedy Store.”

“Next time you’re buying a loved one a present they probably don’t need and may not like; think about becoming a Secret Santa for Action for Children instead and make an amazing difference to a child this Christmas.”

Action for Children CEO Julie Bentley says: “We’ve all been there, the dreaded moment when you’re faced with the task of buying a last-minute gift for a loved one or colleague and end up reaching for the snowman socks! Whether it’s agreeing as an office or just making a donation as an individual, we want people to consider ditching the bizarre and unwanted novelty presents in favour of becoming a Secret Santa to a child for whom it will make an incredible difference.”

Julie Bentley continued: “This is why, today, we are launching our ‘Be a Secret Santa’ campaign, encouraging people to donate to Action for Children.  Through our services across the UK we offer vulnerable children a place of safety and support to deal with the unimaginable difficulties in their lives. Whether you can manage £10 or £50 you will ensure we can continue to support those children most vulnerable in our society, not just at Christmas but everyday.”

Those that want to get involved in the campaign can text CHILD to 70607 or visit www.iamsanta.org.uk.




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HOW ACTION FOR CHILDREN WORKS: Action for Children helps disadvantaged children across the UK through intervening early to stop neglect and abuse, fostering and adoption, supporting disabled children, and by campaigning tirelessly to make life better for children and families. With over 550 services the charity improves the lives of more than 300,000 children, teenagers, parents and carers every year. actionforchildren.org.uk

WHAT IS RE-GIFTING: Giving something as a gift that the giver has previously received as a gift from someone else.

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