"I’ve lived at Action for Children’s New Horizons service for about a month."

Posted by / Tuesday 28 June 2016 /
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Tom is 17 years old and has lived in Yorkshire since he was 3. He has been supported by the Action for Children’s New Horizons service for just over a month after being homeless.


"I’ve lived at Action for Children’s New Horizons service for about a month. Since arriving I’ve got help with sorting my benefits and income, help with everything like housing benefit forms so I can fill them out properly. Also, if I’ve had a bad day, they ask if you’re okay and not leave you to sit there feeling down, and if you’re struggling for money they help with food bank referrals, clothing grants, and bus tokens for transport. They are also helping me with practical skills, like budgeting and managing my tenancy here so hopefully I’ll soon have a tenancy of my own.

3 years ago when I was 14 years old, I walked the Keswick to Barrow sponsored walk. It’s a 40 mile route – it was painful and horrible! It was the kind of thing where if you’ve not trained then don’t do it! It was hard on the moors, 20 miles of the same scenery, but it was an achievement – a good feeling knowing that I’d done it and not dropped out. So why not do a sponsored walk for Byte Night? The summer is the perfect time and you too can experience the pain and horror but all for a good cause - you could even do it in pyjamas!"

"I saw that two other Young Ambassadors from New Horizons went to the Byte Night Launch event in Newcastle. They said it was really good so I thought I’d get involved too. When I went to the launch event in Edinburgh I didn’t intend to speak on the night, but when I got there I thought I better stand up and say something to persuade people to get involved and support Byte Night. I felt alright about it, especially after people said how well I’d done – it’s boosted my confidence, and made me want to get involved in other events and what’s upcoming.

In 5 years I want to be in my own home with a decent job, cash in my pocket, and a nice car…and one day I want to go back to Mexico where I had a cracking holiday 3 years ago!"

"You should support Byte Night because it raises money and helps people who don’t have money or a home. There’s a lot of evidence showing where the money goes and showing that it does get people off the streets into accommodation - back on their feet with the help they need."


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