Young Voices

Posted by / Thursday 10 March 2016 /

Young Voices is a collection of poetry written at last year’s ARTiculation youth arts weekend.

Over 60 young people from our services across the UK met at MMU (Crewe) for our annual 3 day arts-based residential. The theme for 2015 was ‘safe relationships’.

Poetry Booklet_Cover

The arts are a powerful tool for encouraging young people to talk about their feelings. This collection of poems demonstrates how young people feel about themselves and the world around them. The poems were written and performed by the young people and are an important insight into the hearts and minds of young people today.

Read one of the poems below, or read the entire collection here.


Who am I? I’m not too sure
I’m searching, finding, experiencing and exploring.
I know who I was,
and where I want to be,
But this path in between, it’s a journey.
A rollercoaster ride some might say?
It has its ups, but it’s highly flawed.
I doubt, I scream
The voice inside, it pulls me back til I want to hide.
I surround myself with those around
And yet I’m alone.
But, I like being alone,
I’m in control.


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