Digital pride 2016

Posted by / Tuesday 03 May 2016 /

Last week we attended a Digital Pride event with our corporate partners Fujitsu, in collaboration with its LGBT+ staff network, Shine

The event was a global video discussion on the theme of identity and belonging hosted at Fujitsu’s offices in London. 

The discussion was hosted by Stephen Dixon, Sky News presenter and anchor of the channel’s morning news programme, Sunrise. The format included four panels in London, India, Japan and Finland and included Stonewall’s Chief Executive, Ruth Hunt.  The panels were broadcast to participants in London and across the world digitally.

The discussion focused on different and multiple identities that we all have, when and how we might disclose them and how they intersect and may sometimes be in conflict.  It was interesting to hear the common ground amongst the panelists and their experiences, but also the inevitable differences which can be based on experience, circumstances and perception. 

We all have multiple identities, but it was fascinating to hear which identities panelists think are stronger than others.  For example, one panelist said that he had more in common with his Scottish identity than those with whom he shared his sexual orientation.  The discussion enabled not only reflection on our own identities as employees of Action for Children, but also the identities of the children, young people and families who we work with. 

At Action for Children, we want an inclusive working environment for all staff and volunteers and also excellent service delivery.  We strive to deliver services that value and respect difference and provide a space in which everyone feels that they can be themselves, self-identify and experience a sense of freedom. 

Siobhan Corria, Head of Inclusion said, ‘We have a fantastic relationship with Fujitsu and Shine LGBT+ and it was a privilege to be involved in such a unique event.  It is important that staff and volunteers are always challenging stereotypes, challenging discrimination and allowing children, young people and families to feel comfortable within a supportive and inclusive organisation.  We can definitely share our Digital Pride experience with colleagues and continue to promote the value of working inclusively’.