Record-breaking solo sailor, Jeanne Socrates, backs Tikka's Travels

Posted by / Tuesday 10 May 2016 /
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Guinness world record holder Jeanne Socrates, the oldest woman to sail solo non-stop around the world, has backed Chief Petty Officer Steve Pointon and his quest to sail around the UK this year in his boat, Tikka.

Jeanne (73), is preparing for an attempt on the 'oldest person to circumnavigate the globe' record but took time out to give her full support to Steve, Kaz and their adopted son, Harry saying: “I thought it was quite a venture for him to organise. It’s pretty brave of him actually as sailing around the UK is actually more than just hopping around the coast, you have the weather and the tides to worry about, as well as avoiding muddy shallows and rocks in unfamiliar places, there’s a lot to consider.

‘You also have to think about him taking people, many of whom are not sailors, on this voyage, I think that’s a major challenge. Personality clashes are not uncommon on boats too, where you’re in a confirmed space with lots of people. He’s totally aware that he needs to stay calm and take things really easy to make for a happy but efficient boat. Having now sailed with him on the Solent, I’m very confident he has all the skills to cope admirably with anything thrown at him.”

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Steve was in the Navy for over 24 years, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan working with Sea King helicopters from 845 and 846 squadrons based in Yeovilton. He still serves as a Chief Petty Officer as a Reservist on 700X squadron based at Culdrose. Steve is aiming to complete the gruelling journey in 12 weeks, consisting of eleven legs with a host of friends, relatives and colleagues joining him at various stages, including his wife, Kaz and adopted son, Harry.

Steve welcomed the backing from the record breaking sailor. He said: “To be able to call Jeanne Socrates a friend and have her support Tikka’s Travels is a wonderful boost a month out from the launch. We’re really building momentum now with huge interest on social media and corresponding land-based activities such as walks and cycle challenges are being planned to coincide with our trip. It’d be brilliant if she could join us on the final leg and it was an honour to sail with her on the weekend. I wish her well on her slightly more challenging trip around the world in October!”

Jeanne hopes to join Tikka for the final leg in August before her attention turns once again to sailing around the world in October, adding: ‘I’d really like to get back in the middle of August to join the last leg if possible. It's also my birthday then so it’d be lovely if I could join Steve to celebrate completing his challenge. It would whet my appetite for October’s journey around the world. I decided I was fed up with being tied to the dock and fixing my boat for the last couple of years as I hardly ever seemed to be getting out and away. I really love the ocean passages and, damn it, I’m going to go for the 'oldest person to go around the world solo non-stop' record.

‘I’m particularly looking forward to sailing the Southern Ocean again. It’s such a special place, you know you are thousands of miles from anyone and anything. All you’ve got for company are these albatrosses and shearwaters and petrels as well as the big, big ocean waves. It’s just amazing, you feel so privileged to be out there.’

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