Pauline speaks about how the Coronavirus Children's Appeal has helped her family

Posted by / Thursday 07 May 2020 / Fundraising
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Iona, 11, lives with her family in a remote area of Scotland. Her mum, Pauline, has mental health issues and her youngest brother, Angus, has behavioural challenges. With her father working away from home as a commercial driver, Iona supports her family by helping around the house with chores. 

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Iona had been attending an Action for Children service centre regularly to ensure she gets some time away from helping out at home.

Her mum, Pauline, said: “She struggles socially at school and it hasn’t always been easy at home with my mental health and Angus' challenging behaviour, so it was nice for her to get that break. When my husband was working away, Iona would have to do a bit more around the house, like making the dinner. Last June, my husband's work started to slow down and we've both been on universal credit since then. We had rethink our budget as we didn’t have the income we were used to anymore. We had to make cuts, but we could get by."

With coronavirus sending the country into lockdown, Pauline and her family were faced with new challenges. The nearest supermarket is a 14 mile round trip from their home.

"We couldn’t get to the supermarket so we were having to go to the local shop. With everyone wiping the shelves, there wasn’t any affordable essentials left. For example, our budget would allow for the cheapest pasta, but because of the situation there was only the expensive stuff left.”

When the Coronavirus Children's Appeal fund became available, Pauline’s family support worker applied to Action for Children on their behalf.

Pauline said: “When we got the call, honestly we were so excited. We got £200 and that meant we could get fuel to go to the shop. We were also able to get a big food shop to get food on the table. I am still so worried about everything though. I am worried about my mental health and the effect it will have on the kids. The kids will be feeling so isolated, they need their friends and the social interactions."


“We are on our own and having that support from Action for Children, I can’t put into words how grateful I am."

Coronavirus has thrown all our lives, our communities and the UK into an unprecedented crisis.

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