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Helping more than 300,000 children, young people and families every year across the UK there's a lot going on at Action for Children. So stay up to date with what's happening nationally and in your community.

UK’s most vulnerable young people don’t have parental ‘safety net’

Wednesday 20 May 2015 / Young people, Events, Press release

One in three (30 per cent) young people phone their parents every day after moving out of the family home.

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An election roundup from Northern Ireland

Posted by Patrick Malone /

Wednesday 20 May 2015 / Cost of living, Budget cuts, Law

An election roundup and what this means for Northern Ireland.

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Football tournament raises cash for Action for Children

Tuesday 12 May 2015 / Fundraising

The Film Industry Football Event (FIFE) 2015 raised more than £20,000 for Action for Children.

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What can we expect from the new Government?

A Government with an overall majority means a clearer than expected political environment in which we can work

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Wow, our campaigners rock!

Posted by Abdi Mohamed /

Friday 24 April 2015 / Participation

Up and down the country, hundreds of you dedicated campaigners have taken action.

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