As one of England’s first approved adoption agencies, we’ve been finding loving families for children for nearly 100 years

There are about 4,000 children in England who are waiting to be adopted. More than 70% of them are two years old or older. Over 60% have siblings. Many have experienced trauma or abuse.

At Action for Children, we specialise in finding families for children who can miss out on the chance to be adopted. They can be older children, brothers and sisters, children with complex needs as well as black and minority ethnic children.

I like living in my new home because I feel safe and happy.

A child who found a new family through Action for Children

We know how best to help children who need specialist support, and how to match them with the right adoptive family. We pride ourselves on the stability of our placements, with a 100% rate in 2019.

We offer parents tailored training and support through every step of the process, from the initial stages through to placement and the adoption order.

Throughout this journey, Action for Children has provided the support and care we needed to find our son.

Action for Children adoptive family