Our annual reviews of child neglect

We have worked with the University of Stirling over the past four years to produce our annual reviews of child neglect.

Our latest review - Preventing child neglect in the UK: what makes services accessible to children and families? - focuses on help seeking by children and families.

As part of our 2013/14 research, we spoke to more than 5,000 children, young people, parents/carers and professionals. What they told us informs our recommendations for practice which you can find in the report.

"Sometimes no-one believes you. No-one comes to your house to see what’s going on. So no-one might know or can tell from the outside."
(Chloe, young person)

Our 2012 review found that neglected children aren’t getting the help they need and that everyone, professionals and the public, can do something to help.

Our 2011 review found that while an understanding of neglect and the terrible consequences it can have is growing, most social workers feel "powerless" to intervene and local authorities don’t have accurate data on the scale of neglect.

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