I went through a difficult time two years ago when my parents were breaking up. The arguments made it a horrible and sometimes scary place to be and I felt like running away from home so many times. Often I went and stayed at my friend’s house, just to get away from the home situation. It got so bad that I would do anything not to be at home. My school education started to suffer as I couldn’t concentrate in class and I started to get bad grades. Everything slowly started to slip away from the old life I knew.

"Everything slowly started to slip away from the old life I knew."



My best friend told my school teacher that I was having serious problems at home and my teacher really supported me by referring me to Action for Children’s local service, Dundee Youth Support; a supported housing project for young people in my shoes. I remember going to Dundee Youth Support and I was initially quite scared to leave home and move into temporary accommodation, but another part of me was thinking it can’t be any worse than my home situation. So I took that step, the best step of my life. The workers at Action for Children were really kind and approachable and made a real effort to get to know me first before asking about my home life. It felt like someone was actually interested in what I had to say for once, they really listened.

All the fears I had went away and I slowly started to settle in more as the environment was really friendly. I felt really safe and I wasn’t scared anymore as I learned that other young people have experienced similar to me – I’m not alone. Dundee Youth Support has given me so much positivity. The staff helped encourage and settle me back into education and start improving my grades to what I knew I could achieve.

"All the fears I had went away and I slowly started to settle in more."


They also helped me with my university application form, which I probably wouldn’t have even considered if it wasn’t for Action for Children. I even went on an educational trip to Poland which really helped grow my confidence, make many new friends and understand the world’s my oyster. I can’t thank Action for Children enough for all the support they have given me.

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