Harry had reached a low point in his life and was struggling when he was referred to our Targeted Youth Support service.


I grew up living at home with my parents but the home environment always felt volatile. My parents were in the midst of splitting up over a long period and I felt like they were taking their anger out on me.

I had a breakdown so I moved in with my Grandma for a bit and it was better than being at home. When we thought things had calmed down a bit I went back home but the problems were still there and my Dad became violent towards me. In the end, I had to report it. I felt like I had no one to talk to whilst everything was going on and was being bullied at school on top of it all. I bottled everything up, and then finally broke down. I never felt like I could confide in anybody about what was going on. I was diagnosed with Dyslexia when younger so was always behind in school work anyway, but my difficult home situation added to it.

"I bottled everything up, and then finally broke down."


My behaviour suffered as I started doing all the things I knew were wrong to get attention and it came to a head when I was taken home in a police car one day. Luckily the police could tell I didn't mean harm and just gave me a word of warning that I had a chance and a choice not to follow the wrong path. I knew I didn't want that kind of life.

I was referred to an Action for Children run service, Targeted Youth Support. They really helped me and supported me through my most difficult time. The staff were so welcoming and they made me feel so comfortable to just be me. I was at a real low point in my life and they listened to me and understood what I was going through.

I had been assigned a support worker through school but it always felt like they were telling me to do things via a text book whereas my worker at Action for Children really empathised and introduced me to other young people who had experienced similar to me.

My worker did a mind map with me where I could write down all that I was feeling. We looked at all the people in my life and how they had an impact on me. She helped me go through and eliminate people that had a negative effect on my life, so that I could concentrate on being more positive.

They worked with me on my anger management too and got me involved in sports. I thought this was a great outlet for me to express my feelings and channel my energy into something positive. I feel like I have matured over time and look at things in a different way and look at all outcomes before I make a decision.

Thanks to Action for Children I feel more confident in myself. I am living back at home with my Mum and Dad and things are a lot better. My Dad still has anger issues, but we are both dealing with it much better through the help we’ve received. 


My life has taken such a dramatic turn. I am active through sport and happier within myself. I’m 16 now and feel so much more positive and have just started an apprenticeship working with children who have disabilities. It’s such a rewarding job and I hope to be able to give something back to them. I’m also a proud ‘young ambassador’ for Action for Children which means I attend events and share my story to inspire others.