Case 229 - Nicola

As a single parent, raising five young children, life was stressful for Nicola. She found it difficult to instil routine into her family’s daily life.

At 15, Nicola’s eldest daughter was a constant source of worry. She was diagnosed with ADHD; was skipping school, and was getting in trouble with the police. It put a lot of stress on Nicola, who like any parent, blamed herself for her daughter’s behaviour. This affected her ability to look after her four other children. Mornings were difficult as Nicola sometimes forgot to feed her children breakfast or didn’t leave enough time to get them dressed.

It wasn’t until Nicola was referred to Action for Children that she received the support she needed.

After an initial home assessment, her new Action for Children family support worker helped her set boundaries for her children and offered advice to support her eldest daughter. It was hard at first but Nicola put into practice all she had been taught and learned to manage her children’s behaviour effectively. 

"I am far more confident now than I was a year ago thanks to my family support worker. She is absolutely brilliant."


Her family support worker helped Nicola manage her money; teaching her how to budget and save; recommended a Maths and English course so Nicola could help her children with their homework; and helped her with government forms so Nicola could claim the correct carers payment.

Now Nicola volunteers at the centre for a few hours per week so she can give back to her community.

"My life has changed a lot since Action for Children stepped in, they have been brilliant. Without them I would still be struggling to manage and support my family but now everything is better. I am a more confident and capable parent, I understand how to budget and save and I am taking training courses to help me get a job. I can’t thank them enough for how much they’ve helped me."


Nicola’s life has changed for the better but there are many more single parents and families who need our help. Find out what support we can offer your family.

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