"I used to live with my mum and my two brothers they used to pick on me. At 18, I’m the youngest in the family. They used to say horrible things and beat me. I tried to argue back but one time they badly injured me. The situation at home was unbearable for me, I couldn’t stay, so I left and made myself homeless.

I went to the housing department at my local council and spoke to a homelessness worker who got me a place at Action for Children’s Prep for Life. I’ve been living here for about 9 months and they have helped me so much. They’ve taught me life skills like how to budget my money and how to cook a meal from scratch. 

"Because of the Action for Children’s Prep for Life, I’m continuing with my education and I’m currently studying for a level 4 qualification in care – to help people like me."


I feel more prepared for living on my own now for when I move out of here. I’m still in touch with my family – I get on with my mum much better. It’s okay with my brothers too, it’s much better now I don’t live with them.

My life has changed a lot since I came into contact with Action for Children: I’m a lot happier now. I used to be very angry but I’m a much more confident person now."

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