J is 18 and has autism and struggles with anxiety, which meant he was unable to continue at college due to his attendance. J was referred to our Play and Leisure Support (PALS) service through Careers Wales, to support him back into education or training.

J - parallel London

J had always wanted to be a football coach and is a keen footballer, however he was spending the majority of his days alone in his bedroom on his Xbox.

We supported J with a placement at Chester Football Club, where he is undertaking his FA Coaching badges. He was able to manage his anxiety (as some of the coaching course involved J having to run a session) due to confidence workshops we held with Action for Children therapists.

These sessions meant that J could discuss issues with his peers, and was able to get a better understanding of his emotions. In addition to this, J has had one-to-one support on issues such as accessing public transport, which he is now confidently able to do on his own.

His family have said that he has since ‘blossomed’ and J has said that he has noticed a ‘boost in confidence and self-esteem’.

J has since gone on to peer mentor other young people on the PALS project, supporting them with understanding emotions and also through sport. He is currently working as a volunteer with the ‘Kick for kids’ programme through our partners Flintshire Play and Leisure. He is thoroughly enjoying this, and hopes it will lead to a work opportunity.

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